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02/01/2021: Amazing partners, new bonus campaign

Dear investors and partners,The first month of 2021 is already gone and we are still in the a pandemic that changes all our lives.It is especially in this difficult times, that partnerships are really valuable. This is why we are proud to have a significant number of good partners with us, who will stay with us even throughout the pandemic. Our partners are working a lot to satisfy us and our customers, that means you!This is why we are able to start another bonus campaign, starting on 02/15/2021 until 03/15/2021.Want to know how much bonus you can get depending on your deposit? Check below!100+ $ deposit = 6% bonus250+ $ deposit = 12% bonus500+ $ deposit = 18% bonus1000+ $ deposit = 24% bonus2000+ $ deposit = 30% bonus5000+ $ deposit = 45% bonus10000+ $ deposit = 60% bonusThe bonus will be applied to your account within 24h after deposit or directly when your deposit is processed manually.Your Neural Trading Team